Wonderwool Wales 2017

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By Diana Green (South  West Co-ordinator)

Yvonne and myself ran the stand at Wonderwool Wales earlier this year. In fact we were all there was. We had nothing else to sell except the things we brought, but Yvonne’s fleece and woolly creations saved the day as always. I had intended to travel there by train, but changed plans when we realised the need for tables, chairs and other equipment. This also gave me a chance to bring my own fleece, although it did entail a six-hour drive each way! We were both fortunate enough to be invited to stay with a mutual friend, so at least accommodation was not an issue.

Saturday morning sales were brisk as always, especially as one young couple was going from stand to stand buying as many interesting fleeces as they could get their hands on. It turned out they in the business of “Newborn Photography” (No, I didn’t know there was such a thing either!), and they would make the fleeces into felted or knitted blankets on or in which new-born babies could be photographed, usually clothed as nature intended, and looking very cute. I expect this would provide the parents with something they could use to embarrass their unfortunate offspring in future years!

I can’t comment too much on the show’s content, because we were more-or-less tied to the stand. Sales were steady, and it was good that we were busy, but it did limit our excursions, and mean’t we could not take part in any workshops. The atmosphere at the show was very good, as always, and it did seem busier than last year.

We were equally fortunate when it came to packing up. Because our stand was close to the exhibitors’ car-park, we were able to carry everything to the cars and load up, without having to join the queue for a loading space. A quiet word with the man keeping guard at the car-park gate then got the gate opened for us, and we were waved through.

I had planned to stay on another night or two, to explore some of the surrounding area, but other committments made this impossible. I’ll try again next year. Builth Wells is in a beautiful part of Wales.


Kendal Wool Gathering – 28th-29th October 2017

Although I’m sure some members will know of and attend this event, but others will not.

The Kendal Wool Gathering www.kendalwoolgathering.co.uk was started in order to celebrate the industry on which Kendal’s wealth was founded. It has grown year-by-year, and this year will move to a new, larger, venue at the Kendal Leisure Centre.

Perhaps someone who attends could report back? I may even get there myself. I only heard of this through my brother, who lives in the area.

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  1. lorry

    Just been with Jan and Richard at Tewkesbury Medieval Fayre on their Stand …. Fire and Fibre and Debby has some photos to post up (though you will have to wait for my write up!!) but they are going there to Kendal as well for a second time and as it will be post Midges I am wondering about combining a late Autumn holiday to the North …even to see Roslyn and John on Arran… that is the Scottish Island not the Irish A oneR an !!!! But do NOT forget there is Fibre East … and Yarndale and others to keep the interest going… Wool at Junction 13 was a ‘hit’ as well and already there are plans for next year….my plans changed this year so I never made it

  2. Debby

    It all sounds very interesting and looking at the medieval goings on in your photos of the Tewksbury Medieval Fayre, I am itching to put them up on the website, so get writing tomorrow : P