The Campaign for Wool

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The Campaign for Wool continues to raise awarenes on Facebook of the benefits of wool and the potential in protecting, restoring and resetting the balance of nature, in their Facebook page. They point out that when wool biodegrades naturally in the land and ocean it does not create micro-fibres, plastic waste or landfill issues. This is a subject close to the hearts of many sheep keepers and wool crafters, and in particular with the members of the BCSBA, so it makes sense to relay the message here too. As the Campaign for Wool states, wool is durable and so can be worn more, repaired, recycled and passed on from generation to generation.
Check out “Earthshots: 5 simple but ambitious goals for our planet that will improve life for us all, for generations to come. 1. protect and restore nature, 2. revive our oceans, 3. clean our air, 4. build a waste-free world and 5. fix our climate.”
We are urged to show our appreciation for nature and the Earthshot Prize by turning off your lights for #EarthHour at 8.30pm GMT today.
Feel Better #choosewool
An excellent idea! Will you join them?