Starter Flock of Manx Loaghtan Ewes – from Lyvennet flock

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My flock of registered Manx Loaghtans has become too large for my available land, so I am looking to sell a selection of mixed age breeding ewes.  These would be ideal as a starter flock.  All those for sale are two-horned and are registered. I have five ewes/gimmers available, and these are aged between one and four years old.  All are bucket trained, immediately responding to its sight and sound!

I started my flock six years ago.  Manx Loaghtan is lovely primitive (short tailed) breed with stunning moorit coloured fleece that contains no guard hairs or kemp, so ideal for a wide range of wool crafts.  I have hand spun their wool, had it commercially spun in larger quantities, washed and carded for feltmaking and have used it in a peg loom rug. It needlefelts well, too. The lambs are small and born black.  The ewes deliver easily and without problem – in my case out in the open field.  Two of my wethers were part of the RBST Primitive Produce Project in 2018-19 which compared wool and meat from the different primitive breeds found in the UK.  Manx Loaghtan was rated highly for both meat and fleece!

All my sheep are given Heptavac P Plus annually.  I periodically have faecal egg testing done to ascertain whether worming treatment is required.  Liver fluke has never been detected.

I am based in Cumbria’s Eden Valley and my sheep are well used to all weathers!  They live outside all year round, and that includes during lambing.

If you are, or anyone you know is interested, please contact me at