Maintaining BCSBA Standards: OUR Code of Practice

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In the photo you can see Yvonne Hoskins, our Co-Chair being awarded the ‘Best Stable’ award at the Malvern Show, last Autumn. People seek out our BCSBA stands at shows which are always well presented and have good quality wool for sale. The high standard of wool is due to the adherence by members to the BCSBA Code of Practice. The Code is also made available on this website under, ‘Information’ (often also used as guidance by members of the public wishing to sell their wool privately).

Click HERE for the UPDATED BCSBA CODE OF PRACTICE now also includes some of the simple ways to treat fleeces for sale, in line with pre-existing UK law.

We thank our members for all the trouble gone into producing wonderful fleeces and continuing to ensure that they can be sold at a high standard under the BCSBA name. We also thank the volunteers, who have extremely full lives before volunteering to run the BCSBA stand. It often takes a lot of time and effort, but these people do it in order to promote coloured sheep and the huge variety of colourful fleeces.

Don’t forget to send in photos of our stand at Woolfest and what you all got up to there. Did you buy something crafty, like a new spinning wheel that you were particularly pleased with? We want to know:

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