Coloured sheep for the craft worker

Some uses for coloured wool

Wool is a wonderful, versatile fibre for the craft workers. It can use it for

  • spinning
  • knitting
  • felt making
  • dyeing
  • weaving
  • wigs for doll making.

The variety of coloured wool

Natural coloured wools bring an infinite variety into craftwork. Colours range from pale silver or beige to deep black or chocolate brown, with all the shades between. This allows wonderful subtle colours and shades in, for example, Fairisle knitting.

When coloured wool is over dyed it develops a depth of colour far beyond that achievable with white wool.

Other products from sheep

Other products from coloured sheep are the skins which can be made into

  • rugs
  • slippers
  • mittens
  • jackets.

Horns can be used for walking sticks and shepherd’s crooks.