Shetland Sheep

About Shetland sheep

Shetland ewes make excellent and protective mothers. They lamb easily’ and rarely need help. Lambs are up and suckling within minutes. These coloured sheep are lively, intelligent and full of character. They are an ideal smallholder’s sheep with their range of beautiful colours. They also taste good and produce attractive skins.

Fleece Information

Shetland fleece is noted for its fineness and softness. It has many shades, including

  • white
  • moorit
  • skiela
  • fawn
  • grey
  • brown
  • black.

Shetland sheep produce the finest wool found in native British sheep. The wool round the neck is especially fine and can be used to make ‘ring shawls’. These are shawls that can be pulled through a wedding ring.

The wool gradually gets less fine towards the rear. The hind legs have guard hairs which protect against the cold and wet weather in the Shetland Isles. The beautiful, natural colours are used to make ‘Fairisle’ patterns. The wool has a natural break and can be rooed (plucked) off the animal.

Technical information about the fleece

  • Bradford count 50-60
  • Micron measurement 20-33
  • Average staple length 5-12cms
  • Average fleece weight 1-1.5 Kg