Romney Sheep

About Romney sheep

Romney sheep evolved over many centuries in comparative isolation, amidst the harsh environment of the Kent coastal marshes. Only sheep of adequate body size, with good insulating wool, sound legs and feet could survive and thrive. These coloured sheep remain productive and healthy longer than many other breeds. They have a high resistance to scrapie, mastitis and foot-rot. Ewes lamb easily and milk well. Dense birth coats and excellent mothering ensure there is a high lamb survival rate and steady growth.

The docile Romney temperament makes shepherding a pleasure.

The fleece of Romney sheep

Romney sheep produce a lustrous and well crimped fleece about 15 cms long. Colours range from pale grey to near black, and can be over dyed with great success. The wool spins easily.

Technical information about the fleece

  • Staple length 10-20cm
  • Fleece weight 3-4.5kg
  • Bradford count 48-54