Manx Loghtan Sheep

About Manx Loghton sheep

As the name suggests, Manx Loghton sheep were originally bred on the Isle of Man. This coloured sheep is a small, fine boned animal, with a rich brown fleece. Both sexes are horned. The meat has an excellent flavour.

The fleece of Manx Loghton sheep

Manx Loghtan fleece is a uniform dark brown, but is paler on the outside where it has been exposed to the sun. It can be either woolly or hairy. The wool is used for hosiery and knitwear, and the staple length is 7-10cm.

Technical information about the fleece

  • Staple length 7-10cm
  • Fleece weight 1.5-2kg
  • Bradford count 46-54
  • Micron measurement 27-33

Manx Loghtan sheep