Jacob Sheep

About Jacob sheep

Jacob sheep were traditionally a parkland breed but are now found in almost every part of the British Isles. The sheep are alert and attractive. Both sexes are horned and can have either two or four horns. They have a white fleece with well defined black patches. The head and neck are mostly black with a white blaze. The ewes are hardy and excellent mothers. They milk well and frequently have twins or triplets giving a realistic 200 lambing percentage. The finished lamb is tender and lean with an excellent flavour

The Jacob Sheep Society, (a registered charity No. 1026687), was founded in 1969 to save and promote this unique sheep. It is a very supportive and flourishing society.

The fleece of Jacob sheep

The fleece has a wide appeal to spinners and weavers and the natural un-dyed colours make elegant and distinctive garments for the fashion market. A Jacob fleece has two colours – dark brown and white. Between sheep there is a considerable difference in the amount of dark wool compared to white wool. Fleeces range from almost all brown to nearly all white with light spotting.

Technical information about the fleece

  • Bradford count 44-56
  • Micron measurement 28–39
  • Staple length 8-17 cm
  • Average fleece weight 2-2.5 Kg