Coloured Southdown Sheep

About Southdowns

The Southdown is a breed of superb conformation; the main purpose of the Southdown today is as a terminal sire for fat lamb production.

Southdown lamb is renowned for its excellent flavour. They are extremely docile, but hardy, having the ability to thrive in adverse conditions.

Occasional coloured lambs are known to occur in white flocks. Although usually born black, they become charcoal or pale grey with age.

The colour is recessive to white and is the result of the nonagouti gene. Since 2007, coloured Southdowns have been registered.

The Fleece

Southdowns have a close thick fleece of great density and fine-quality covering the whole body down to the hocks.

It is one of the finest of British wools. With such a short staple, Southdown is not the easiest fleece for handspinning; however, experienced spinners can produce a very fine yarn, ideal for knitwear.

It can also be used for felting and other handcraft work. Carded wool is very springy and is ideal for stuffing cushions and soft toys.

Technical Information about the Fleece

Bradford count: 56 – 60 (23 – 28 microns)

Staple length: 4 – 6 cm

Average fleece weight: 1.5 – 2.5 kg