Coloured Ryeland Sheep

Coloured Ryeland Sheep

About Ryeland sheep

Ryeland sheep are a very old breed, originating in Herefordshire. There are documents relating to the breed that date back to 1343. These coloured sheep are polled, with medium-fine wool, and a compact, meaty conformation.

The fleece of coloured Ryeland sheep

Cololured Ryeland sheep provide a range of fleece colours and patterns from palest silver to shades of brown and almost black. The staple is medium/short with lots of crimp. The wool is resistant to felting. It can be hand spun using the woollen process to produce a warm bouncy yarn.

Technical information about the fleece of coloured Ryeland sheep

  • Staple length 8-10cm
  • Bradford count 56-58
  • Micron measurement 28-25
  • Weight 2-3Kg