Bluefaced Leicester Sheep

The origins of Bluefaced Leicester sheep

Bluefaced Leicester sheep were evolved near Hexham at the beginning of the twentieth century. They were bred to produce top quality cross bred sheep from the native Blackface & Swaledale ewes. By the 1930’s the Bluefaced Leicester had developed into a distinct breed.

Bluefaced Leicester crosses

Hybrid vigour, produced by crossing Bluefaced Leicester sheep with hill breeds, results in Mule lambs which are active at birth and able to withstand quite harsh weather conditions from an early age. The lambs are well covered with wool.

The fleece of Bluefaced Leicester sheep

The wool is classed as demi-lustre and is the finest of any of the native sheep. It blends well with silk or mohair. The wool quality is passed onto the cross bred progeny. The coloured sheep that result from the cross come in many shades. The wool is much sought after by home spinners and commands a high price from the Wool Marketing Board.