Blue Texel Sheep

About Blue Texel sheep

Blue Texel sheep are similar to ordinary Texel but express the recessive “blue” Agouti coat pattern gene. This gives them distinctive badger-like face markings and a fleece which shows a steely blue colour when the flank wool staples are opened.

There are very few Blue Texel flocks in Britain, but they are popular and successful in Holland and are recognised as a separate breed.

The use of Blue Texel sheep

Blue Texel rams improve conformation and carcase quality in the same way as white Texels. They can increase the productivity of British native coloured sheep, while not losing fleece colour in the crossbred lambs.

A description of the fleece

Blue Texel fleece is highly crinkled and dense with a medium length staple.

Technical information about the fleece

  • Bradford count 46-46
  • Micron measurement 28-27
  • Average fleece weight 3.5-5.5 Kg
  • Staple Length 8-15