Badger Face Sheep

The fleece of Badger Face sheep

Badger Face sheep can have two distinct fleece colourings with different names.

  • Torddu (Welsh for black belly) have pale bodies of white, grey or light brown, with dark face markings, and a stripe that goes from the chin to the end of the tail.
  • Torwen (Welsh for white belly) is the opposite but the light markings are not so clearly defined.

The wool from both is firm and of medium length, good for hand spinners.

Badger Face sheep for the smallholder

Badger Face sheep are good coloured sheep for small holders to own. They lamb easily and are excellent mothers, frequently producing twins that grow well. They are hardy and economical. The meat is lean, tender and very tasty.

Using the fleece of Badger Face sheep

The fleece of Badger Face sheep is used mainly for carpets but it is popular with hand spinners who appreciate the natural colour and bounciness of the wool.

Technical information about the fleece

  • Staple length 7-10cm
  • Bradford count 46-56
  • Micron measurement 37-28
  • Weight 1.5-2Kg