British Wool for British Insulation and Carpeting – Online Petition

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Discussion about Coloured Sheep

It is a sad fact that in recent years, the income from sheep fleeces does not cover the cost of the shearer, per head of sheep. People are getting the message about using British wool in textiles and yarns, but more could be done to increase the use of British wool in ALL possible industries. Therefore a boldly worded online petition, targeting insulation and carpeting, is open for signatures to formally urge our Government to do something about this important issue (see below).

Recently (9th September 2020), the Welsh Government announced their commitment to consider using more British wool as a natural insulation product in their public buildings. By supporting this petition we would send a clear message to our politicians that we value our wool so that they will actively promote the use of British wool.

NSA Chief Executive Phil Stocker says: “Whilst we welcome this announcement from Welsh Government, we also must recognise calls from opposition parties to confirm this pledge with a more formal commitment to fully ensure this future positive move for the UK’s sheep farmers.”

“PETITION: We demand that the use of British Wool products be mandatory for insulating in the new home insulation scheme and for insulation and carpeting in any public financed building projects.”

Online petition is HERE