BCSBA Coloured Sheep & Fleece Directory N – Z

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Newman Della – Spinning Earth Wool 

Region: Kent     


Website address: www.spinningearthwool.co.uk 

Sheep: Manx, Dorset Horn, Portland, Wensleydale and crosses   


Maggie Oliver, Spindlebury

Region: Powys, Wales

Phone: 01591 610340


Services: Hand Spinning

Sells: Prepared fleece or yarn

Orkney Boreray

Region: Orkney

Tel: 01856 761331


Orkney Boreray is a Community of farmers, crofters, craftspeople and more working together to secure the future of the unique group of registered Boreray sheep now only found in Orkney.  We have a high welfare, agroecological ethos and are breeding to retain the full genetic diversity within this group.
Our website address is https://www.orkneyboreray.com/ and information about the range of products and how to buy them is here https://orkneyboreray.com/our-produce
Together we produce mutton (International Slow Food Presidium Award), tanned skins, horn products, raw fleece, spun yarn and woven goods.


Penfold Rare Breeds (Linda Howard)

Region: Devon

Tel: 01823 681022

Breeds of sheep kept: Greyfaced Dartmoor, Lincoln Longwool, Wensleydale, Jacob and Suffolk. Flock prefix: Penfold. For sale/services: Dyed fleece, handspun dyed yarn, finished items for sale. Also, good condition pre-loved hand spinning craft equipment (second hand wheels and looms). Education: Demonstration of spinning at local shows and take items for sale, one to one Beginner spinning Lessons.

Prouse David and Lynn

Region: Devon

Tel: 01288 341311


Ashbury Farm, Week St. Mary, Holsworthy. Region: Devon (South-West).

Breeds of sheep kept: Romney (white and coloured) and Roussin. For sale/services: Breeding stock for sale. MV flock and fleeces, Also lambs’ fleeces.



Region: Vale of Glamorgan


Breeds of sheep kept: Coloured Ryeland and Shetland. Winner of the Ryeland Flock Book Society Craft Competition 2023. Skills: Knitting, Crocheting and weaving. For sale: Stock when available, Wool and Wool Products, such as hats, garments etc.


Sheepfold (Alice Underwood)

Region: Cumbria


Website address: www.sheepfold.co.uk

Sheep kept: Manx Loaghtan – Lyvennet Flock. Yarn from native breed wool, spun from fleeces on Cumberland farms, often rare breed, including my own design knitting kits. Also my own books of knitting charts and breed information for sheep and other livestock.

Strachan Ernie & Joan

Region: Aberdeenshire

Telephone 01975571276


Sheep kept: Black Wensleydales, White and Coloured Bowmonts, White and Coloured Wensleydale x Bowmonts. A small number of fleeces and stock are sometimes available. Knitting yarn from our wool called Canach manufactured by Uist Wool for sale on their website shop along with wraps woven from the wool.


Trevayne Farm / Monkstone Knitwear

Region: Pembrokeshire

Tel: 07813854307


Website addresses: www.trevaynefarm.co.uk


Breeds of sheep kept: Coloured Dorset, Dorsets, Black Welsh Mountain. For sale/services: Livestock, fleece and knitwear. See websites for details.


Woolastons Woolly Wonders (Yvonne Hoskins)

Region: Gloucestershire

Tel: 01594 529331

Sandiago, Woolaston, Lydney, Gloucestershire.

Email: darrenlhoskins@icloud.com

Breeds of sheep kept: Merino (white and coloured), crossbreeds of Wensleydale, Merino, Corriedale, Cotswold, Polwarth and Shetland. Skills: Spinning, knitting and felting. For sale/services: Occasional livestock. Craft items, fleeces: raw, washed or drum carded available. Education: Spinning demonstrations and wool displays (visitors welcome by arrangement).

Wychwood Spinner (Chris Seers)

Region: Oxford

Tel: 01993 832423



Sheep breeds kept: Bowmont Merino. For sale/services: We sell our own and other rare breed fleece across the world, encouraging spinners and others to try new fibres. We source rare breed fibres from specialist flocks. We currently have 75 breeds available.