Selling fleece

Preparing a fleece for sale

Always check fleeces for faults, and remove double cuts or contaminants left after skirting. Do not try to sell a fleece that is cotted or felted. Decide whether to split the fleece or sell it whole. Roll the fleece with the cut ends outside. Avoid contaminating good fleece with kemp or hairy fleece. Do not tie up the fleece, but put it in a suitable bag. Clear plastic is good for display but if stored in these the fleece will sweat.

Fleece can be stored in paper bags, nets or cotton pillow cases. Cotton pillow cases do an excellent job as moths do not penetrate cotton. If necessary, it is acceptable to use moth balls.

Label each fleece clearly with

  • your name
  • telephone number
  • address,
  • the breed or cross of sheep
  • the age of the sheep,
  • the date of shearing
  • any other appropriate details. These would include faults, or advising that the fleece was from a ram. Such a fleece can sometimes smell of ram.